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Kirby-Hill House

By appointment only at the Kirby-Hill House 210 West Main Street Kountze, TX  77625 Please email or call 409-246-8000 to make an appointment. 

group lunches

By appointment only at the Kirby-Hill House 210 West Main Street Kountze, TX  77625 Please email or call 409-246-8000 to make an appointment. You can download the registration form below.

Staircase Portraits

Traveling Trunk

The "Traveling Trunk" program, designed by the Kirby-Hill House Museum, is ready to present to everyone who enjoys history. Bringing the rich history of the Kirby and Hill families into your classroom or meeting will allow you to experience another era from a very personal perspective. The audience will be allowed to view and touch the items packed in the trunk. The knowledge gained will give them the feeling of having lived in another era, and explain how people functioned without the modern conveniences we have today.   The items in the trunk may include clothing, games, cooking items, lanterns, or can be packed according to subject or curriculum (that is being covered).  The presenter(s) will be dressed in period clothing, and a short video presentation of the Kirby-Hill House is also included.   This program can be adapted for all ages and group sizes.  The presentation is free and approximately 30 to 45 minutes long, including the video (taking into account how many are present).    If you are interested in having us come to your school or speak at your meeting or function, please call (409) 246-8000 and book your dates. (Scheduling is done as our volunteers are available.)

With periodic visits from Kountze Elementary School, the Kirby-Hill House has established an educational program that has long been a dream of the late Nelda Overstreet, our former curator. The Kirby-Hill House and Museum and Educational Foundation encourages all schools in the county to participate in the program during the school year.

Educational Programs

Historical Tours

Formal Tours are $5.00 per person

Informal Tours are $3.00 for adults, $2.00 for seniors over 65, and $1.00 for students. 

Please email or call for reservations 409.246.8000.

Informal tours are self-paced and the Visitor's Guide will guide your progression throughout the house. Formal tours provide a Docent that will escort you and discuss historical details and people associated with the house. Moving from room to room is like moving through time; from 'Martha Kirby' on the Porch in 1903 to 'Lucy Hill' in the Parlor in 1923. Then you will ascend the Grand Stairway to view rooms for the years 1932 to 1962, with a peek at the gorgeous wrap around Balcony. From there you will exit down the Servant's Stairs to view the Kitchen with 'Autie Hill' for the year 1977. The tour concludes in the Dining Room in the year 1999. The entire tour lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Group tours are Formal tours possibly including a luncheon tailored for your group. Reservations and a deposit are required for Group Tours.

Special Tours & Programs