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Image by Jr Korpa

“Murder on the Menu

written by
Bill Hand

Produced by Special arrangement with Pioneer Drama, Denver, Colorado

Ruthanne! and Basil Cassidy


Nancy Gandy

The Cast of Characters

Artemus Ward -

Elderly Murder Victim, philanthropic, cranky and opinionated owner of Ward Books

Bernie Jones - 

Artemus Ward's young nephew; an insecure loafer from the wrong side of the tracks; works in the Ward Books mailroom

Eileen Morrow - 

Artemus Ward's attorney-at-law and executor of his will; crisp and professional, but cold and defensive

Jeannie Dell - 

Young owner of The Manor, a barely surviving but tasteful little restaurant; a trifle daft

Alexis Ward-Regent-Middlefield-Abernathy-Gillicuddy-Boskowicz -

Artemus Ward's oft-widowed, Dickinson quoting daughter, whose sanity is more than a little suspect; acquisitions editor for Ward Books and signer of their one best-seller, Steamy Nights in N'Awlins; she and her brother are heirs to Ward Books

Reginald Ward - 

Artemus Ward's son; warm as a fish, scheming as a snake; the other heir to Ward Books


Dr. Bullfinger -

the ambitious but incompetent, newly elected county coroner

Major Major Major -

an ambitious and quick-thinking journalist whose father was a big fan of Joseph Heller's Catch-22







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