Image by Jr Korpa

“The Altos”

By David Landau

The Actors

Aveta Hough – Dr. Malaise 
                Aveta is an Alma Mater of Kountze High School, 1979.  While this not is Aveta’s first appearance with the Kirby Hill House Players, and she is no stranger to performing she has, in the past, sung with the (almost well known)  Big Thicket Babes.  She is a proud mother of 3 children, MiMi to eight grandchildren ! She loves making flowers and crafts! A Postal employee for over 17 years and is now gladly retired!  She loves people and making them smile is her joy! Being asked to be in this play is a total honor and a beautiful new chapter to add to her life!
Darla Harrington – Nona Alto
                This is Darla’s 8th season with the Kirby Hill House Players.  She was first introduced to the stage in her freshman year of high school where she took speech and drama as an elective class.  She performed a series of skits for the student body, and it was then that she realized her love for the stage.  Darla has performed in several Christmas pageants and has served in the Drama Ministry at church.  “I am a mother of three and “Mi-Mi” to six awesome little guys: Corbin, Dominic, Kayden, Jacob, Jackson, and Jameson.  I am thrilled and honored to have this opportunity of returning to the Kirby Hill House Murder Mystery Dinner Theater!”
Greg Wilson – Tony Alto
                This is Greg’s third performance at the Kirby-Hill House.  He was also in the Silsbee Little Theater's Spring 2015 production of What’s Susan’s Secret.  We think he likes theater, but we can’t be sure.  Because you see, Greg is a very quiet and introverted person who very seldom smiles.  His therapist encouraged him to get into acting as a means of breaking through that barrier of shyness and become a more out-going and fun-loving person.  We believe that it has helped some, but he still has a long way to go. Please, do not heckle him during the performance.  That may set him back several days in progress and tens of dollars in therapy.
                The things that DO make him smile are his beautiful wife, Jennifer; his two children, Blake and Hannah; Blake’s wife, Tera; and two grandsons, Ronan and Connor, and of course, bacon!  Bacon makes everyone smile.
Jennifer Wilson – Toffee Alto

              Jennifer Wilson is excited to be back with the Kirby Hill House Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.  She has been in several KHH shows over the last few years, including The Science of Murder where she played The Maid, Patricia. When she’s not at the KHH “playing”, she loves spending time with her loving husband, two grown children and two rambunctious grandsons.  
Lucas Toutloff – Father Flip


            Local folk hero, philanthropist and national treasure." (In his own words)

Ricky Tate – Uncle Senior


           Ricky was once told by a Director, who shall remain unnamed, (Holly Church) that she had seen tuna fish sandwiches with more acting ability. Though his feelings were shattered, Ricky was not discouraged and decided to pursue roles that were best suited for his abilities including a clueless gangster, a neurotic cab driver, an audience heckler and twice a senile old man (not much acting required for that part). Ricky would like to thank his Director and fellow actors for covering for his lack of talent and for letting him be part of this talented group. His favorite hobbies are reading books on nuclear physics and drinking beer. He is current unemployed and on food stamps living in a van down by the river.


Weston Hodge - Chris
            Weston is a teacher at Westbrook High School in Beaumont. He has played in numerous theatrical productions in Southeast Texas for Beaumont Community Players and for Lamar State College, Port Arthur. He is very pleased to be performing with the Kirby Hill House. He enjoys singing, and is the worship director at his church, the Dowlen Road Church of Christ.

Peggy Young – Delivery/Hitman
            Peggy Young has been married for 30 years, and recently moved to East Texas from Louisiana following Hurricane Laura. She has two daughters who live out of state. She enjoys being a housewife, but may join the workforce soon in an administrative roll. She enjoys reading, needlepoint, sewing and drinking Dr Pepper.
            Peggy has never been in a production before except for playing the frog in second grade. She came to see the last Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, and responded to a comment from an actor (who dragged her onstage, kicking and screaming.)


Amberly Warrick – Funeral Director – Prop Manager
                Amberly Warrick is another of our rookies to the House this season. She lives in Kountze and grew up all over the world, as a former military brat and now aspiring actress. She was home-schooled all her life. She is not only cool under pressure, but also humorous under pressure. Amberly is also serving as our stage-hand extraordinaire! Can you say "dramaturge"? We're very happy to have your enthusiasm on board, Amberly.



Back Stage -------


MaryKate Flanagan - Director
                MaryKate Flanagan made her debut performance with the Kirby Hill House around 2004, or was it 2005?  No, it was definitely 2004, ...maybe. The name of the play was....a very sinister one, we're... pretty sure.
                She makes her home now in Woodville, but  is originally from Port Arthur. She is the proud mother of three grown children and has two granddaughters, who serve as the inspiration for everything! She has performed on stage and screen, several theaters in Houston, Austin and Lubbock, where she was production manager and stage manager for productions at Texas Tech, Maegden Theater, and in Louisiana doing long-format commercials, winning an award at Cannes (yeah, that Cannes). Kate played at BCP, Port Arthur Little Theater and other productions in East Texas, and wrote, produced and directed commercials for Cornerstone Media winning nine Addy Awards.  Kate would love to share with you her hobbies, but she has no time for hobbies. She loves immersion theater more than any other, which, as you know, is what we do!  Break a leg, MK.


Kacey Sammons - Stage Manager
             Kacey said, "I had my first exposure to theatre in High School and majored in theatre for a year in college. I got married, had my daughter. When she was 5, I went back to school and got my Paramedic certification and have worked in EMS for 30 years. I have the best job in the world and truly love what I do.  I moved here almost 8 years ago to work for Acadian Ambulance. I love living in South East Texas and the Kirby Hill House is a big reason I stay here.
            I have played off-stage for many seasons as your stage manager, tech gal, sometimes I have even been a co-director/ technical director. I have had the honor of hanging out with these talented people since the Fall of 2011 when, I took over lights and sound for The Altos under the direction of Holly Church. I haven’t missed a season since, just can’t imagine not being here."

Rose Hall  - President of the Board of Directors and Assistant Director

           Rose Hall wasn't born in Kountze but she got here as fast as she could. She raised five daughters here, who have presented her with 10 fine grandchildren. She has brought music to our ears, as our first lounge singer to perform between scenes Welcome. and as a star for our "Dinner and a Show" series. She is an amazing leader driven to excellence and brings all of us with her for the ride. She has been the heart and soul of the Kirby-Hill House, having served as the President of the Board of Directors for fourteen years, and has acted in two plays. She has been the lady of the house, the rescuer of those of us in need, our hero, our friend, our sister, our rock and our visionary.